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Monday, 25 November 2013

Things to check before Domain Registration – How to choose a brand able Domain Name

Things to check before Domain Registration – How to choose a brand able Domain Name
While choosing a domain name, we are not aware of the details of the brand name of the domain or business. Following are two great tools to check if the name will be available as user, profile, page, channel, etc., in major websites of the niche or industry. Apart from that we also need to check the whether the domain or brand name is available in major social media, blogging platforms or not.
Easy way to check brand name availability:

Provides information with a wide range of websites and also based on industry.

Provides information whether the brand name is available in a list of (fixed list is there) social media websites or not.

Provides name information with some major websites.

The small precaution while choosing a company name, business name or domain name through the above brand name finder can result business growth.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Google Penguin Penalty Checker

Here is a tool to check whether your website is affected with the Google Panda or penguin. With this penguin penalty checker tool, you can analyze your website and prepare plan of action for recovery. This tools also shows the info like if your website is affected by recent Google Panda or other Google updates. To use or access this tool, you need to provide access to your Google analytics information.

Hope this tool will help you in optimizing your website.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Google Panda and Penguin Updates History

Google has periodic updates or changes in its algorithm. Google Panda and Google Penguin are the major of them. Some of the important updates are:

Panda/Farmer — February 23, 2011

The first Panda update that was the second biggest update till now, affected around 6% of the search results worldwide. It seemed to crack down on thin content, content farms, sites with high ad-to-content ratios, and a number of other quality issues.
Panda 2.0 #2 — April 11, 2011

Bloggers thought that Panda was a one time thing, they could not have been more wrong, we know this now.
Panda 2.1 #3 — May 9, 2011
Another inconspicuous Panda update by Google.
Panda 2.2 #4 — June 21, 2011
Another inconspicuous Panda update by Google.
Panda 2.3 #5 — July 23, 2011
This was a very small Panda update by Google.
Panda 2.4 #6 — August 12, 2011
A huge Panda update that affected 8% of search results.This was more than 4 times bigger than the other Panda updates.
Panda 2.5 #7 — September 28, 2011
Another inconspicuous Panda update by Google.
Panda 3.1 #9 — November 18, 2011
Another inconspicuous Panda update by Google.
Panda 3.2 #10 — January 18, 2012
Another inconspicuous Panda update by Google. The only thing special about this was that it was the 10th update.
Panda 3.3 #11 — February 27, 2012
Another inconspicuous Panda update by Google.

Panda 3.4 #12 — March 23, 2012

Google announced this Panda Update through Twitter. I thought they would do it through other means.

Panda 3.5 #13 — April 19, 2012
In the excitation Google sent out another Panda update that affected less than 2% of search results, including other languages.
Penguin — April 24, 2012
The first official penguin updates that penalized sites that had over-optimized pages. This update boggled the minds of bloggers and webmasters as they had experienced such a thing before.
Panda 3.6 #14 — April 27, 2012
Google seemed to have been excited as they sent two Panda updates in a week for use bloggers to worry about.
Penguin 1.1 #2 — May 25, 2012
The first targeted Penguin Update.
Panda 3.7 #15 — June 8, 2012
A lowly affecting Panda update that caused less than 1% change in search results.
Panda 3.8 #16 — June 25, 2012
Another Panda Refresh by Google.
Link Warnings — July 19, 2012
Google again used Webmaster Tools to send out warnings to those who have bought backlinks etc.
Panda 3.9 #17 — July 24, 2012
Another inconspicuous Panda Update by Google.
DMCA Penalty — August 10, 2012
Google sent out messages from Web-master tools to let blogs with DMCA notices know that repeated violations would lead to sites being removed from the search index altogether.
Panda 3.9.1 #18 — August 20, 2012
Another Panda Refresh by Google.
Panda 3.9.2 #19 — September 18, 2012
Another Panda Refresh by Google.
Panda #20 — September 27, 2012
The only Panda Update out of the 65 search algorithm updates that took place.
Exact-Match Domain Update — September 27, 2012
This Google update made a difference to how Google ranked websites based on domain name matching keywords searched for to eliminate sub-domain and sub-directory spamming.
Penguin #3 — October 5, 2012
A very minor and almost insignificant Penguin update by Google.
 “Phantom” — May 9, 2013
Named phantom because it was never announced by Google, nor by anyone affiliated with Google. By SEO’s around the world agree that there was some update activity around this period which caused traffic drops in some sites and traffic increase in others.
Domain Crowding — May 21, 2013
Google believes that Domain Crowding is a form of spamming and hence wanted to address it quickly.
For this the algo experts at Google came up with the idea of curbing domain crowding with the help of an update to the Google search algorithm. This is what resulted from that.
Penguin 2.0 (#4) — May 22, 2013
An Official Penguin Update as stated by Google was released and it affected about 2% of all the English search results.This is something that we bloggers and webmasters would like to call - A big update.
Many sites saw huge drops in traffic around this period.
“Payday Loan” Update — June 11, 2013
Google created the PayDay Loan update to remove spammy sites from the most spammy niches such as Payday Loans, Education sites, Coupon sites etc.
Panda Dance — June 11, 2013
While not an actual Panda update, Matt Cutts made an important clarification at SMX Advanced, suggesting that Panda was still updating monthly, but each update rolled out over about 10 days. This was not the "everflux" many people had expected after Panda #25.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Free UK Classifieds Sites List Updated

free uk classifieds list

Regional or local classifieds are great place for instant business impact whether it may be the sale of products or services. Below is a list of more than 170 free UK classifieds list

           These free classified sites very useful for classified advertisement for business based in United Kingdom. Suggest UK Classified site if you have one through below comment box.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Bing SERP Trends have been Changed – Resubmit your website if Missed

Submit URL to Bing

Recently the SERP trends in Bing have been changed, the previous keyword ranking trends have been changed with max extends.Just check your keywords are in the positions as they were or in some good positions. In many cases, many sites which were indexed are now being not indexed.

            So it’s essential to resubmit your website to Bing again so that it will put positive impact to your site. Submit your WEBSITE in the following URL/Link to Bing:

Some More Fast Approval Directory List - Instant Approval Directory List2

instant approval free directory list
Below is a list of another fast approval directory list. These are also useful for easy keyword ranking for your website.Suggest new directories in the below comment box if you have some instant approval directories.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Instant Approval Directory List Updated

Free instant approval directory list
Following is the list of more than 600 instant approval free directory list. Most of them are with same c class IP. Although most with same c class IPs but these fast approval directories are found very helpful for getting approved link and also easier to rank with your desired keyword/keywords. Suggest easy approval directories if you have in the following comment box.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Free Social Bookmarking Site List - New Updated Bookmarking Sites List Pligg Sites Included

Free Social Bookmarking site list
The Social Bookmaking sites are important part in internet marketing. They play major role apart from Search Engines for business benefit through internet for a business organization. Here is the list of 421 free social bookmarking sites. These are mixed combination of traditional bookmarking sites like digg, delicious, reedit etc and new bookmarking sites like pligg sites. Many traditional bookmarking sites have been shutting down and some has been changed and also many pligg bookmarking sites are suspended or expired. The following bookmarking list is verified or checked and almost all are active bookmarking sites that these will be useful for social bookmarking submission.  For any kind of suggestion and comment feel free through comment box or contact form.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Free Classipress Sites - free classified list

Free Classified site list
Following is the free classified list mostly made in classipress which made user easy to post classifieds. Most of the sites in the following free classifieds list made up of wordpress which gives you facility to easy maintenance of your online advertise. Suggest classipress/ classified sites made in wordpress in the comment box, so that list will be updated and increased.

PR4 Free Directory List - Page Rank 4 Directories Updated

free pr4 directory list

Here is the Google Page Rank 4(PR4) Free Directory List for directory submission or business listing to achieve your online business goal. High PR directories are important for traffic and to increase your website page rank as they provide quality back-links. Check out some may be changed.