Friday, 28 September 2012

How to Find High Ranking Web Directories, the New Way

Find high rank free directories

There are some custom search in Google, using advanced search operators as given some sample below which will greatly help you to find high ranking web directories for your business submission.

Keyword + "submit site"
Keyword + "submit url"

Keyword + "intitle:directory"
Keyword + "intitle:resources"
Keyword + "directory list"
Keyword + "inurl:list"
Keyword + "intitle:list"
Keyword + "inurl:directory"
Keyword + "inurl:resources"
Keyword + "add url"
Keyword + "submit url"
Keyword + "suggest url"
Keyword + "suggest a url"
Keyword + "submit site"
Keyword + "submit a site"
Keyword + "submit your site"
Keyword + "add a url"
Keyword + "add a site"
Keyword + "add listing"
Keyword + "add your listing"
Keyword + "submit a listing"
Keyword + "submit listing"
Keyword + "submit your website"

Example of Search

Suppose I want to search auto repair and wanted to find web directories with the word "directory" in the url and with the text "suggest a site", I would use:
auto repair + "suggest a site" + "inurl:directory"
Being creative / adopting new methods will help you find the good directories to list your website. Each search engine operate slightly different so this approach is only applicable for Google.
Hope this will help you in Search Engine Optimization for your website.


Sultan Khan said...

this will really save a lot of time.

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