Friday, 9 November 2012

Free Social Bookmarking Site List - New Updated Bookmarking Sites List Pligg Sites Included

Free Social Bookmarking site list
The Social Bookmaking sites are important part in internet marketing. They play major role apart from Search Engines for business benefit through internet for a business organization. Here is the list of 421 free social bookmarking sites. These are mixed combination of traditional bookmarking sites like digg, delicious, reedit etc and new bookmarking sites like pligg sites. Many traditional bookmarking sites have been shutting down and some has been changed and also many pligg bookmarking sites are suspended or expired. The following bookmarking list is verified or checked and almost all are active bookmarking sites that these will be useful for social bookmarking submission.  For any kind of suggestion and comment feel free through comment box or contact form.